Boxer Superbob

A state of art in terms of performances and technology,
made in France with passion as drive line.
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The low-pressure turbo (0.3 to 0.4 bars) makes it possible to reduce the turbine response time to acceleration and to deliver a smooth power on the entire curve, optimizing in particular the filling of the engine through bottom and average modes.
The electronic management with controlled waste gate and anti-lag valve allows vast mapping possibilities of riding behaviour.


Entirely designed in France by Boxer and its partner Akira, this engine gathers top technical solutions derived in particular from racing heritage.
It’s a 88° 1000cc V-twin with cylinders integrated into a semi-dry motor casing with horizontal matting plane and distribution by belts.


Created in 2003, is a French company specialized in Design, Development, Tuning and Racing Exploitation of 4 strokes Engines.

Racing references:

Kawasaki ( World Superbike et Supersport champ.) Yamaha Spain (Spanish champ.) Honda (world Supermotard champ.) Honda Ten Kate (world Superbike champ.)
Aprilia (Cht du Monde Supermotard) Diverses écuries privées...


The Boxer carbon frame brings stiffness and lightness; assisted by the structural engine it establishes the link between the ground liaison systems. This frame also integrates other functions as air box, steering guidance and anchoring of the high tech suspensions systems: Double triangle fork and single sided swing arm with progressive suspension.


The Boxer fork makes it possible to dissociate braking and steering to offer a stable but reactive geometry in the curves sequences. Very handy in urban area (important steering angle) it offers precision and comfort.